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Payments Page For 48 Hour Charity Match 2017

Payments Page For 48 Hour Charity Match 2017

Finer Details About The Event

This Page has been set up for those who are serious/interested in taking part next year in our 48 Hour Charity Match starting at 10am on the 14th of July 2017and Finishing 10am 16th 

Each peg is for two anglers and at the moment we envisage 11 pegs. (We reserve the right to change the amount of pegs and anglers taking part.)

The cost per entry/Angler is £65 per head, Pairs £130

Included in the cost is a BBQ for the 2 Nights and a bacon butty to get you started in the morning.




How To Pay 

Below you have a series of options for you to choose from to make your donation/payment.

Payment can be made in three steps to help spread the cost. Initial, Interim, Final.

All donations/payments include a nominal costs element to cover the fees taken by PayPal to ensure the full money goes to the charity or charities.


Please Note Deposits Are Non Refundable and will be donated to the charity.  Reserve people will still have to pay full price


Interim Payments

Single Angler Option Donation/Deposit = £21-50 (including £1-50 towards PayPal costs)



Pairs Option Donation/Deposit = £42-50 (including £2-50 towards PayPal costs)




Final Payment

Single Angler Final Payment = £27-00 (including £2.00 towards PayPal costs)



Pairs Final Payment = £ 48-00 (including £3-00 towards PayPal costs)




Pay All Up Front

Single £68 (including £3-00 towards PayPal costs)



Pairs £136 (including £6-00 towards PayPal costs)




Just Donate

Or if you just want to donate to our chosen charity please use the button below and add any amount you want :)











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