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Jan 2017 Court list

Jan 2017 Court list

It was not a happy new year for 191 people who managed collectively to rack up £58,770.00 in fines in January as they had a mad catch up of those whom the EA caught during 2016, many who probably thought they had got away with it. Well no they didnt


If you want to know who, where, why, and how much they were fined or not fined but still guilty, find out now by visit the Angling Trusts web page by clicking HERE.


Also if you want to know what the prosecution codes mean got to


Here at FishingAdviser we would actively encourage everyone who fishes to purchase a licence, (Where a licence is required). It does go to show that it does pay to get one, or two for three rods, and it’s not worth taking a chance. 


As a reminder this was only one month’s proceedings, and the EA is a 12 months a year organisation.


EA doing checks at Newbridge earlier on this year.



Posted on 22nd Mar 2017 17:57:02 by FishingAdviser

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