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Halloween 2016 Trick or Treat Draw

Halloween 2016 Trick or Treat Draw

In this new draw all correct guesses will be entered into the draw and a winner picked out by a random number chosen by the community.

The winner will then get to choose from 3 envelopes one will have nothing in one will have a basic prize and one a normal draw prize so some one will get a treat if they are lucky.


Witch of the following fish has can be loosely related to Halloween A, B, C.





When you have decided witch tell us why by private message and we will have an argument about it J and when we both agree and you have the right answer get your entry in this year’s Halloween Trick or Treat Draw – The Draw You Just Might Win In


This draw runs to 31st of October 2016 - shock eh!!

Posted on 27th Aug 2016 14:06:04 by FishingAdviser

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