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Charity Match Winners 2017

Charity Match Winners 2017

Below we have a couple or so pictures of the winners from FishingAdvisers charity fishing match at Newbridge Lake Burstwick near Hull.







The Picture below we have the overall winners Danny McCann and Geoff Bird.  The pair who worked well together over the 48 hour sesh scooped all the winners prizes for the largest haul of carp with a total weight of 94lb 12oz.



The next prize was for the biggest fish, again the winner of this catagory was Danny Mcann with a mere 20lb 14oz carp.  Below is Danny receiving his Prize off JUlian Cundiff




No Match is complete without an over loser so lets celbrate the loser also, below is Dan Bell with his booby prize mug and hook a duck game. Well lets face it as far as fishing at the weekend went he might as well take it up.  He was a great sport who took the micky take in good spirit :)




Watch out for details of next years match as we return for a rematch as Danny and Geoff try to retain their notional crowns ;)


Posted on 12th Aug 2017 13:51:17 by FishingAdviser

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