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Charity Match Rules 2018

Charity Match Rules 2018


The organisers have absolute control and discretion over the competition, the rules and any amendments there to.

2 Venues H&S to be adhered too.  Also check below to see lake specific rules. Special adherence to no drinking to excess. People considered to disregard this rule may/will be asked to leave and will forfeit any monies paid via the entry fee. These monies will then be considered as a donation to the charity.

3 All competitors must be in possession of the relevant Environment Agency Rod Licence(s).

4  When caught anglers must text or ring us. Number will be provided on the first day

5  All caught fish to be kept in retainers.

6   All fish weights be verified via our scales and signed off via us,

7  Fish in retention must not exceed 45 minutes.

8   Floater fishing will be allowed but must be done with the minimum of freebies.  Shoud it be windy the rule allowing minimum floater bait will be suspended

9   Everyone to stay in their designated fishing area.

10  No bait boats, cameras or echo sounders to be used during the match

11   A maximum of 2 rods per person.

12   If any angler wishes to leave their peg for any reason they must reel their rods in and remove their baited hook from the water

13  The competition shall be decided on total weight.  The angler having the greatest weight being declared the winner.

14   In the event of a tie the angler with the most fish will be declared the winner. If the result is still tied the angler catching the biggest fish will then be declared the winner. If there is still a tied position then the “fastest fish” rule applies and the angler that landed the fish first will be declared the winner.

15 Keep Nets are not allowed.


All the Venue’s lake/pond rules and H&S conditions apply, special attention to the no trailing lead core/leaders rule.  Also :-

1          Valid fishing licence required

2          Barbless hooks only

3          Mats to be used at all times

4          All wounds to be treated

5          No unattended rods

6          No Keep nets

7          No trailing lead cores/leaders

8          No floating bait to be used or mussel’s prawn’s cat/dog food


The most important rule of the weekend is :-



For more info on the rules go to


And about the venue


Posted on 28th Jan 2018 19:56:14 by FishingAdviser

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