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Charity Match 2018 - Are You In?

Charity Match 2018 - Are You In?

Since the charity match we have tried to be fair and have tried to reach out to all this years anglers with a view to see who would like to take part next year,  From the responces we have created a list of interest.  We have also created a reserve list.

From the lists we have now created a final 12 pairs of Anglers who subject to final confirmation are now invited to confirm that that would still like to take part next year.

The price for the match next year will be £85.00 per person and will include the same breakfast butty and BBQ as this year.

We will be letting you know how to pay your deposits soon.  It should be noted that deposits ane non refundable and are non transferrable as are not any fully paid for places in the match.

2018’s £20 price increase is due to the fact we want to make next years event bigger and better, with possibly three celebrities, and as so we may incurr incidental celebrity expenses.  With that in mind we still want to achieve next years target of £2500.  Also there is no guarantee we can get the food sponsored again so contingencies have to be made.  We hope you understand


This years invited anglers names are:-


Danny McCann

Geoff Bird

Dan Bell

Sander Foppen

darren ellerby

Paul Rhodes

Kris Foston

Barrie Smith

Nick Warren Kamis

Adrian Franklin

Matty Pugs Everitt

Jodie Calladene

Darren Godman

Dan Robson

Anthony Godwin

Chris Godwin

Aiden O’Hara

Mick O’Hara

Adam Chadwick

Brian lbs Alwan

Raymond Crossland

Dan Gallagher




Posted on 13th Aug 2017 09:00:32 by FishingAdviser

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