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Charity Match - Total Raised 2k

Charity Match - Total Raised 2k


Now the money is all in we a proud to announce the 2017 charity match raised two thousand pound exactly for our chosen charity “Kids”. It was standing at one thousand nine hundred and eighty five pounds untin Sander Foppen of Holland Baits stepped in to round it up to the two thousand, so again a massive thank you to Sander 





Again I would personally like to thank Andrea, Syd, Yvonne, Michelle and Lance for the help and support over the last eleven months, and for all the hard work that has been put in to make what in my opinion was a fantastic event.  I hope every one who took part over the weekend will agree.




Also i would like to thank Julian and Brian or Brian and Julian, for their support and the effort they put in for the weekend with their very informative and interesting points.






Another big part of the event were the cakes so not forgetting Andrea for the cakes, thanks from all those with a sweet tooth.






I try not to use profanities on the page but i am going to make an exception in this time as there are 24 very important people who without it would have been just a camping weekend, “the anglers” So guys a BLOODY BIG THANK YOU, you made it a great weekend and we hope you had one too.


It was on the whole an accident free weekend and it wouldnt be right not to have a little accident, but why did it haveto be one of the organisers below is Syds perthetic effort of a scratch after he went arse over tip.




Finally their is a long list of other people who we would like to thank, all those are those who donated prizes and experiences for the event, so thank you every one.


Please keep up with us here at FishingAdviser, and look out in the near future as we consider our next steps and potentially next years event

Thanks Again

From Team FA



Posted on 12th Aug 2017 16:57:34 by FishingAdviser

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