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2017 Charity Match Anglers Names Announcd

2017 Charity Match Anglers Names Announcd

The names of the anglers who are taking part in net years Charity Competition have been released.  The following people are now invited to pay their deposits to rconfirm their places in the event:-

Chris Megson, Mark Johnson

Dave and Julie Hare.

Colin McGurk, Matty “Pugs” Everitt .

Tom Johnson, Jordan Iles.

Rich Allinson, Ian Reid.

Darren Ellerby, Paul Rhodes.

Sean Spencer, Luke Critchlow.

Chris Foston, Barrie Smith.

Geoff Bird, Danny Mccann.

Dan Bell, Al MacIlroy

Nick Warren Kamis, Adrian Franklin.

Chris Ehlert, Mark Hardcastle.

A reserve list is running should any of the pairs above need to drop out the Reserve list consist of, in numerical order:-


1 Matty ‘pugs’ Everitt, Ashley Douthwaite.

2 Billy Hall, Alan Hodgeson.

3 Luke Kennedy, Chris Denton

4 David Tyers, Liam Gillies.

5 Lowell Husband, Kev Brown.


Posted on 2nd Nov 2016 15:15:45 by FishingAdviser

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