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Risby Park Fisheries has in the past played an important part in local history and forms part of the landscape at the old (circa) 13th century Risby Hall.  Risby Hall is listed on English Heritage’s ‘Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England, where it is awarded grade II status. This makes it a landscape of national significance. The Landscape at Risby has remained essentially unchanged in its composition, character and appearance as early map evidence has revealed.  


Above aerial picture showing the archaelogical features of the old Risby Hall and the present farms and lakes


The estate at Risby is significant in that it belonged to the Ellerker family and its descendants since John Ellerker married the daughter and heir of William Risby in 1401 from where we suppose it kept its name.

It had be gradually developed over more than 400 years with the same family and the extent to which it reflected their taste until it burnt to the ground in 1784

Today part of the estate is used and known as Risby Park Fisheries and is run by the Clappison Family. Risby Park first opened for fishing approximately 25 years ago and has increased its pond count to four ponds since then. 



The main lake - Folly Lake with the folly in the distance from which it takes its name. (A folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but either suggesting through its appearance some other purpose)


Folly Lake opened in 2002, it is a 3 acre match/pleasure lake and with thousands of fish, mainly carp ranging from a few ounces to 10 lb+, Ide from 2oz to 3lb, Tench to 5lb, Skimmers /Bream to 3lb and some roach and perch, will give you a good day out on one of its 40+ pegs.


Other lakes at Risby include a carp pond called Gillen Springs.  This is heavily stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp from 4 oz to 22 lb, tench from a few ounces to 3 lb, bream to 7 lb and there are also small roach and varying size 'ide' and perch. The depth of water ranges from 5 ft around the island to 7 ft 6" at peg 1/38 end.


The Gorse, also known as the tench pond and is again heavily stocked predominantly with tench weighing in up to 10 lb, with carp to 20lb, ide to 3lb, skimmers to 8oz and there are also stocks of chub and roach even the odd stugeon. This pond is particularly suitable for the younger angler as there are plenty of ‘bites’ to keep the interest flowing. Depth on the tench pond varies from 2 ft 6″ at the narrow end, to a maximum of 6 ft 6″ at the widest end.


The newest pond on the venue is the orchard pond  located adjacent to the carp pond. Nestled between two wooded areas, the pond has its own car park and has been pegged at 10m intervals to accommodate 20 anglers. Initially it has been stocked with thousands of small carp to 2 lb. This pond is ideal for those with limited mobility as with permission you can park next to some of the pegs.



Layout of the Lakes At Risby Park


Risby Park is the perfect place to enjoy idyllic surroundings and a good days coarse fishing. You can also just visit to enjoy food and drink at the Folly lake café whilst you plan the next day's fishing. Folly Lake Café is situated overlooking the historic Folly Lake & with a large South facing decked balcony. The log cabin is a great place to meet friends, visit the lakes & watch friends fish.

Open daily, the licensed café has ladies & gents toilets, (all toilets are large enough for wheelchairs). And offers indoor seating for around 30 with additional seating on the decking. It also offers a range of baits and accessories for the visiting anglers. 



A Typical Breakfast For The Early Morning Anglers


Like all good venues Risby Park Fisheries have a regime of T&C that must be adhered to to maintain the quality of the fish for now and future generations and for the safety of all around the lake.

Anglers are advised that H&S and common sense around water should be exercised and that moderate drinking may be tolerated, but drugs will not be tolerated


Venue Rules H&S

These waters can be dangerous. Persons who go near the lake must accept risk of injury to themselves or others. The management does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of property whilst using these lakes. 

No swimming for any reason

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No children under 10 will be allowed on site overnight. 

Alcohol in moderation only. Zero tolerance on intoxication

Whilst dogs are allowed on site they must be kept under control at all times
No Fires


Venue Rules For Fishing 

1.   BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY, no Microbarbs or Pinched Barbs.

2.   No Rods to be left unattended at any time.

3.   Fish may be retained in keepnets for a maximum of 6 hours, when use is permitted.

4.   All keepnets (when permitted) and landingnets MUST be dipped prior to use and comply with Regional E.A. Bylaws.

5.   All Anglers must hold a current fishing licence (available at the Post Office).

6.   No bait restrictions (Please be sensible).

7.   After fishing do not throw excess Bait into the Pond.

8.   No Radios.

9.   No cycling or walking around ponds whilst matches in progress..

10. One rod & one line; extra rods £2.00 on all ponds. Extra line £2.00 each. 

11. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult unless agreed otherwise with the management/Bailiff - Lee.

12. Fishing dawn till dusk (entrance gate will be locked overnight)

13. It is an offence to remove or introduce fish to these ponds.

14. No fires, barbeques or camping

15. No one must enter the woodlands under any circumstances






Day Peg Costs - Paid To Bailiff Or @ The Cafe

£6 for one rod and £2 for each extra rod
Concessions and Juniours £4 for one rod and £2 for each extra rod

Fishing is from 7am to 9.30 pm when the main gate automatically closes.

For anyone visiting for the first time it’s worth having a chat with Lee the Bailiff to find out what baits and which ponds are producing the best results.


Contact Risby Park

Contact: Anthony Clappison

Directions/Address: Risby Park, Dunflat Rd, Risby/Walkington/Beverley (Sat nav use HU17 8SS - Dunflat Road)

Telephone No: 07860 255981

E-mail address:



Edited version of venue details available here 


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