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Emmotland Pond an Idealic Environment

Emmotland Pond claim to be Yorkshires no1 Day ticket venue, and are a well established fishing complex with mature trees and wonderful countryside in a quiet location. Who are we to argue. After a vist today one things for sure it is an idealic environment and setting with almost crystal clear ponds surrounded by mature trees all adding to the ambiance of the experience.


They say “Since 2002 a great deal of work has gone into improving the fishery, introducing new Carp, Wels Catfish, major pond alterations and creating a well stocked coarse/match pond.”


The complex consists of 3 well stocked carp, catfish and pike lakes as well as the coarse pond in the heart of the Yorkshire wolds away from the black smoke and concrete jungles of inner cities.


The site offers toilets and showers, tackle shop and meal provisions (full English breakfast, varied evening meal menu and vegetarian menu. All can be booked in advance)


What they fail to mention is that on pond three they have a nice little lodge that could be ideal for people with mobility issues to fish off, with a large veranda with safety barriers and toilet facities available.


For the future, because the lodge is really inaccessable for those who are totally dependant on a wheel chair, their intentions are to fit a ramp down to the lodge, but if you can manage a short walk down a slight incline to he cabin you would be alright.


For more information about Emmotland visit http://www.emmotlandponds.co.uk/



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