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Hi and welcome to the"Access All Areas" blog "Out And About With John"


“Access All Areas” aims to be the place to come to to find out about the favourite venues for those people with mobility problems.
If you need use of a wheel chair or have problems with distance and need to park close to a peg we will be endeavoring to find out the best places for you. The Blog which will update information about venues added as it is received.  This information will then be collated and added to the system for easy access for all who need it.

John will be reporting back on all kinds of venues whether its 5 Acres at North Cave, White Acres in Cornwall or even Manor Farm in Essex he will endeavour to bring it to you.

It will feature our new grading system which will grade the facilities from Ok to Very Good using The Uk’s Environment Agencies recommendations as a bench mark.

Also included will be a few Holiday suggestions and competitions if they come available to us to post for you.


We hope this is going to be of some use to you.


Latest Posts


Starr Carr Accessible Pegs

A short video showing the pegs at Starr Carr.  The pegs are not classed as disabled but are accessible with care. …read more

Posted on 11th Apr 2016 07:52:45 by fishadmin 0 comments


Beverley Beck Update 31st March 2014.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has improved four fishing pegs at Beverley Beck for disabled anglers. Following a request to the council, drop curbs and short sections of footpath have been added to enable wheelchair users and people with less mobility to access the pegs. …read more

Posted on 5th Apr 2014 13:52:47 by fishadmin 0 comments


Star Carr Update - November 2013

Sorry to have to say but the picture was taken in November 2013 and my update is rather late so my appologies.  …read more

Posted on 25th Feb 2014 19:52:21 by John.Twidale 0 comments


Beverley Beck Update 24th February 2014.

The improvements have been completed on four pegs (33, 34, 35 and 36) to make them accessible to wheelchair anglers. Hopefully a couple of more pegs will be similarly improved, before the bridge, when current work on the flyover is completed. I must say Gordon Scaife of ERCC has done an excellent job, in fact more than I had anticipated.  Parking is on the roadside and dropped kerbs have been provided leading onto a Tarmac path to the platform. …read more

Posted on 25th Feb 2014 18:54:10 by John.Twidale 0 comments


Out and about with John - Star Carr Fishery

What a day, 30+ degrees and glorious sunshine.  Unfortunately it was too hot for the Carp and Tench to be interested, but silvers galore. …read more

Posted on 16th Aug 2013 21:37:21 by John.Twidale 0 comments


More Great Work From The Environment Agency, Water Authorities And The BDAA

The British Disabled Angling Association has been out and about acting as consultants to make thing more accessable and usable for those who need the use of a wheel chair …read more

Posted on 10th Aug 2013 15:47:07 by fishadmin 0 comments


Rainbow Lake

It was a beautiful day when we visited Rainbow Lake at Burstwick near Hull to look at its suitability for the disabled angler.  Rainbow Lake’s origins were as gravel pits first dug in 1880’s, and is probably another venue that exists due to quarrying of aggregates for the now closed Hull to Witherensea railway line like others in the area.  Some of the larger stones quarried out of this venue where rumoured to go towards the building of the Withernsea Lighthouse. …read more

Posted on 8th Aug 2013 17:26:59 by fishadmin 0 comments


White Springs Fishery And The Lone Angler

After a recommendation by David Payne on our facebook page about the Disabled facilities offered by White Springs Fishery near Swansea in Wales, a venue already featuring on www.fishingadviser.co.uk/home, we decided to follow it up and this is what we found. …read more

Posted on 9th Jul 2013 06:31:13 by fishadmin 0 comments


Wheelchair Friendly - Catchmoore Fishing Tackle

On our travels to give you the information we think you need to make life that little bit easier we have come accross Catchmoore Fishing Tackle on Greenwood Avenue in Hull.  As with most tackle shops you can get wheelchairs in with care, here at Catchmoore space is not at a premium neither are the prices. …read more

Posted on 29th Jun 2013 07:22:00 by fishadmin 0 comments


Out and about with John - Beverley Beck

A trip out to investigate the suitability of Fishing Venues for disabled anglers.  In July of 2011, Historians joined with fishermen, boat lovers and East Riding Council to make the waterway even more enjoyable for visitors and provide 40 new fishing Platforms.

Read more:  http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Beck-gets-new-spring-step/story-13031239-detail/story.html#ixzz2X4ycHZgF …read more

Posted on 26th Jun 2013 12:21:18 by John.Twidale 0 comments

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