Rate & View Rated Lakes

The key feature to the fishingadviser website is it's interactive nature; giving the users the ability to rate venues and be able to experience other peoples views or opinions.


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Venue & Lake Locator

Using Google Maps and our unique mapping system we can locate and display all the venues & lakes either close to your current location (using your GPS or IP Address) or by selecting a town/city from our online list.

Tracked Advertising

The site has an advertising module that will only display relevant adverts to the member viewing the site. Filling out the additional member subscription form, will be used to display the adverts that are most relevant to you.

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Social Fishing

Another key feature of the fishingadviser website is that it relies on you and your knowledge of your Venues, with your Information, with your Experiences helping it becoming your Website with your VIEWs.


Facebook, Twitter...now fishingadviser - the anglers site.

Related & Unique Content

The site will display relevant content direct to the page of the selected venue - local hotels, local fishing news and even advertising media. This content is tailored to each viewers inputted information.

Pro Tips & Member Comments

Each lake will have anglers that fish there all the time, so why not the best tips right from that lakes "Pro" - giving you the inside scope on how to catch on your next visit.

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